Drainage, Concrete, Decks, Fencing, Landscape


We can level or slope the yard and install drainage to remove excess water. Roof gutters and downspouts do the job of removing the water from the roof but the water can easily overload the ability of the soil to uptake that water in wet conditions. Proper drain pipe installed around the exterior walls can remove that water and move the excess to the street.


Sprinkler lines can be set in the soil and should be checked or upgraded prior to landscape. If new walkways and concrete decks are installed the old concrete may have to be removed and sprinkler lines need to be checked. A landscape shape and use concept is helpful in order to lay the proper number of separate sprinkler lines with dedicated valves.

Landscape borders

Laying landscape borders can visually enhance even rectangular yards. Walkways and beds can enhance the visual appearance and make a pleasing visual design.

Walkways and Decks

Walkways and decks can be poured in stamped concrete with color for practical everyday use and visual enhancement that shows off the landscape and layout. We do color, stamped pattern design and sealing for bringing out the color.

Planting and Sod

We can lay sod and plant your trees and shrubs as requested.

Retaining Walls

We can lay interlocking stone and make you a raised bed or use the interlocking stones to make a gradient sloping bed if you have property with a slope.


We can remove your old fence and replace it with a new wood fence. Gates on rollers are available for a large access area.


We can replace dry rot material in your deck or build you a new deck in Trex or wood.

Carports & Patio Covers

Carports and patio covers can be repaired or added. We can custom build you a stand-alone patio cover or carport. Even if the patio cover ties into the roof we can repair or build you a new patio cover because we also do roofing.